A Deep Sleep

Laziness casts one into a deep sleep,
And an idle person will suffer hunger
Proverbs 19:15

One of the new things that my wife and I wanted to add to this site is the ‘Inspiration from Proverbs’. We have read several business books and found that most, if not all, pillars of business principles are in the greatest book of all time. We apply every principle we learned from Proverbs and everything works. So, may you be inspired with this section and give you insights on how you’ll run your online business successfully.

Indeed, Internet Marketing is a very lucrative business. One of my articles talks about the benefits of an online business. However, it REQUIRES work! If somebody tells you that you can earn 5-figure online for the next 24 hours then its a SCAM! Don’t believe it! I’ve been there and get frustrated every time. See a classic example here(prepare to laugh!).

One of our online businesses never had a REAL income online for the first 6 months. Now, it gives us five-figure income monthly with only 4-6 hours of work every month. When I started that business, I worked for almost 16 hours a day. Look at that hard work!

One of our frustration is to see people complaining about the hardships in life but worst than that is to see them in that situation YET lazy to work. We live with this in mind – NO WORK, NO EAT. I’m not saying though that we need to work all the time. We should rest like a car needs to stop and refuel. Work hard, earn HUGE income and take a vacation!

Hopefully, the ‘deep sleep’ would not mean not waking up for the rest of your life because of being slothful.

Therefore, know that internet marketing gives you financial freedom among other benefits but you NEED to work.


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