The Secret of Getting High Rankings in Search Engines

First off, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is not my full time job but I’ve been closely watching experts in this field and experimenting my own sites. I’ve been successful on a number of sites of own and my clients as well by implementing all the data I got from my experiments. I tried virtually every way to improve SEO and already have a list of what works and what’s not. High search engine ranking is a result of every “site details” done in a proper way – that is SEO. This site is less than 1-month old but check out my good search engine rankings below:

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#2 on Google

#2 on Google

I’m #2 in Google for the keyword “pinoy internet business” with about 528,000 website competing for this keyword

#1 on Yahoo

#1 on Yahoo

I’m #1 in Yahoo for the keyword “philippine internet business” with about 64,700,000 websites competing for this keyword (and yes its not a typo error – more than 64 million wanting to get #1 position)

As of this writing, I also have good rankings on the keywords: ‘filipino internet business’, ‘pinoy online business’ and ‘pinoy online marketer’. Again, this site is less than 1-month old yet have good search engine rankings.

You would ask: why bother getting high rankings in search engines?

Answer, TRAFFIC! The higher your search engine ranking the more traffic(jargon for people/visitors) to your site and more people will see your product, eventually, will result to high sales(as long as you have good sales copy).  You can also sell ads on your site. Advertisers would LOVE to pay YOU monthly if you have 500,000+ people visiting your site. That is why certain TV companies are boasting on their large viewership size because it means more advertisers coming to them(of course, more money for them!)

Then, you would ask, how can I improve my site’s SEO?
Exactly, a good question. There is NO only one way of improving SEO on your site. In fact, it is a result of properly implementing every detail on your site – content, page titles, images(alt tags to be exact), internal linking and use of h1 and h2 tags among others.

I’ll not go into detail on technical side of SEO (I will in the future articles) but I’ll share to you a very important concept of setting up a website that leads to good search engine rankings.

That concept is NICHE MARKETING.

Niche Marketing is selling to a sub-category of a given market(or topic). Better yet, it is the sub-category of sub-categories. For example, instead of giving weight loss program for everybody setup a program for women only. Making it more niche, setup weight loss program for female teachers. In that way, people will be more interested in buying since the product will exactly “fit” with them. Another example, learn-to-golf program for engineers instead of golf program for everybody.

This site is another good example. There are many people/websites talking about how to make money from the internet but I’m targeting its sub-category(niche) which is “how Filipinos(or any citizenship) can make money from the internet”. Now, it is more specific and Filipinos will be more interested on the site since it is targeted to them. Niche. However, my niche market is still a big sub-category since there are about 14 million internet users in the Philippines. Soon, I’ll be setting up sub-niche but for now I’ll stick with this site since there are no other sites I know which is helping Filipinos build their own online business.

My mentor always says “…if you are targeting every one you are selling to no one”.

Now, what does niche marketing do with search engine optimization?

When you are targeting a niche market you will “naturally” speak about it on your site. Search Engines(SE) will also rank your sites according to the number of keywords found on your pages. For example, if people will search about ‘internet business’ my site will not come close to the first listings. However, if they search about ‘philippine internet business’ I’m surely #1(as of this writing) since most of my keywords are talking about Philippine internet business.

On the other hand, SPAM sites are also taking advantage of this. This is what SPAM sites are doing: they flood their pages with the keywords they are targeting and eventually they’ll be ranked higher. True. BUT, they’ll be penalized by search engines VERY SOON! If sites are penalized, they are BLOCKED from the search engines. You don’t want that on your site, do you? Search engines will NOT think it is spamming if your content is legitimate. How? By talking about it NATURALLY. No wonder why it is called organic searches.

Few of the many other benefits of niche marketing(brief explanation):
1. People will perceive you as an expert in the topic/field.
2. People are more interested to know more about you and your products/services.
3. Low competition.

So, start niching your market!

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Cheers and God bless you!


5 Responses to “The Secret of Getting High Rankings in Search Engines”

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  2. Blue Montoya on October 8th, 2009 10:42 pm

    Great article my friend on SEO! I also target particular countries when if comes to SEO, but I’ve gotten lucky lately, one of my site, on the keyword ‘Filipino’, two of my blog got on the top 8 of How is that possible? that site is only a month old?

    [Admin Note: link removed due to non-relevance to comment]

  3. Stanley Dumanig on October 9th, 2009 5:32 am

    Great job on your site! You may have targeted a highly niche website which made you on top of the rankings in just a month. Of course there are other major factors but great job on your site anyway.

  4. GreatRalph on July 15th, 2010 11:16 am

    I love what i have just read. i will always connect with you for guide and advise since I’m optimistic about becoming the edge of internet marketing for Nigeria

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