What’s HOT in 2009?


I’ll do a quick and short list of which I think will be HOT online businesses this year. Think of this as 2009 trends for internet marketing in the Philippines.

BEFORE call centers and transcription business were the trend in the Philippines I already told some of my coaching clients about it. One of them actually pursued a transcription company and was successful with it.

So, I’m making a foresight again. Here it is …

1. Online schools will explode specifically online English language tutoring. 

2. Online registration/reservations/payments on resorts, hotels, events, etc. will be realized. (Take note web developers – this means more jobs for you)

3. Some experts will venture to Information Marketing. This will not grow large this year but you’ll see some of them successful in this area. 

4. Online shopping will skyrocket. We’ll see more people shopping for clothes, gears, etc, online. Therefore, try to post your products online this year.

5. Outsourcing will grow more especially on the video post-production area.

This is not just a foresight. You can really see a growing trend on these. For example, do you know why the number of Korean visitors suddenly went up? Most of them are here to learn English. Why should they bother traveling to a far country if they can learn English online? Hmmmm …. sound interesting?

Should I pursue some of these markets? You bet I will. Am I losing my mind sharing it with you? I don’t think so. The market is still big for US AND I have a cutting edge on setting up and promoting online businesses since I’ve been doing it for years and been successful with it. NO worries for me.

Cheers and God bless you!


One Response to “What’s HOT in 2009?”

  1. Takashi on October 15th, 2009 7:29 am

    Nice list but they are not well thought of. Although in a third country setting, it could be true.

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