Quick Update and a Quick Internet Marketing Tip

This is a short and quick update letting you know that I’m still alive and blogging 🙂 If you wonder why sometimes I blog 3-4 times a week and suddenly a month of silence then please read this post.

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So I’ll not waste your time, here’s an important concept to succeed online:

This is a very interesting topic and I can’t discuss this thoroughly now. I promise to discuss this more in the future.

Wikipedia defines joint venture as “an entity formed between two or more parties to undertake economic activity together. The parties agree to create a new entity by both contributing equity, and they then share in the revenues, expenses, and control of the enterprise.”

This one concept alone have impacted growth in my business and it is the best thing that happen to my business for the last decade.

Here’s one of many examples of this: when I started my web design business I am “nobody” in the internet and people hardly trust my skills. I don’t blame them because they should take care of their money and business. Also, this means that YOU, as a newbie in internet marketing, would loss hair in thinking ways to convince them to hire you. Bummer.

So, I contacted a top leading expert in one of the niche market I was targeting and told him that I’ll work for free so he can test me out and if he is impressed with the first project then he will pay me for the next projects BUT for a minimal fee only. Why minimal fee? This expert has more than 10,000 people in their mailing list (and who trust him and anything he recommends) so in exchange for the discounted rate I’ll ask them to mention me and my services on their list.

Net result? Increased sales in less time! I was able to tap more than 10,0000 people  to check my services and even though my sales copy was VERY weak and I only closed 0.1% of his list I still have 10 NEW “clients.” Furthermore, I was able to convince  more than 300 NEW people to join my list on which I can send them a series of email telling them about my services. 

Remember that in doing joint venture successfully, BOTH parties should benefit and if you are the one looking for a JV partner then by all means let your partner “feel that you are being taken advantage of by him.” Trust is earned.

Again, a dedicated article for this topic in the future. I hope you’ll start looking for JV partners and give them REAL value. Your sales will surely skyrocket!

Cheers and God bless you!

PS Thanks for those who send their thank-you’s and questions via email and the contact forms. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Some of it will be discussed in the articles so watch out for those.


3 Responses to “Quick Update and a Quick Internet Marketing Tip”

  1. Ben on May 31st, 2011 9:02 pm

    Great website with loads of essential information from the heart. The sharing from Proverbs were great! Learnt about you from Bob and Glen.
    Kind regards

  2. OutsourceManila on September 14th, 2012 3:43 am

    Great story! It’s all about putting yourself out there. The Internet is vast and you will have a lot of competitors. By offering free services, you can have people see what you are capable of. Then eventually, if they liked it, then they’ll hire. That (in a way) is how everything works on the Internet nowadays.

  3. OMG Machines Commission Conspiracy on April 14th, 2013 2:25 am

    Wonderful presentation. I love the way it discuss it makes me sound interested. Thank you for sharing this.

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