Marketing Your Brain Power! (The 90/10 Rule)

Loonnggg silence again…you may check my previous post on the reasons 🙂 I was also busy writing articles as a guest writer for a client’s newsletter which increased my “exposure” to his client database. Eventually, it equated to a number of projects! Oh! I love internet marketing!!!

Anyway, I went to a Wi-Fi Party sponsored by Apple, Belkin and who else(I don’t know) last night… as a side note, I was shocked in a Wifi party with a VERY slow-to-none internet access! NOT good for presenting new products.

While I was there I talked with old(as well as new) friends about Apple products(I’m an Apple fan by the way). I was not really paying attention to the presenter since I “think” I know more about Apple products than him(humbly speaking). During the Q&A, a dignified person asked on where could he find “someone” to show him how to play with Final Cut, a premier video editing software from Apple. Most of the listeners was very eager to hear the presenter’s answer as well. My friends including one of the sponsors of the event immediately pointed yours truly…(bang!)  I love when other people do the marketing for me. *big smile*

Now, here’s the lesson for YOU….

I’m an “expert” at a number of things – audio and video technology, webmastering and search engine optimization – mostly related to computers. (Writing? nahhh…not even close). Why do I say “expert?” Being good at things doesn’t make people listen to you. You need to be an expert! How do I become an expert? (I knew you’ll asked!)

You become an expert by following the 90/10 rule! If you know a topic that 90% of the people doesn’t then you are an expert in that field and people will listen to you. You are in the 10% group. I’m in the 10%! With all my work experiences I now know certain topics that 90% of the people doesn’t know and these 90% group are my potential clients since many of them will be VERY willing to pay me to teach them the topic. People will be willing to pay YOU too for your brain power!

So, start thinking of things that you’re good at and where 90% of the people will be willing to pay YOU to know that topic.

By the way, I now have a Twitter account but I’m not really using it as much as Facebook(FB). FB alone eats my time – in fact, I was fasting on FB.

Cheers and God bless you!


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