Internet Marketing in the Philippines

Finally, after several weeks of brainstorming with my wife (and myself), I decided to:
1. Maintain only TWO blogs – this one and Information Marketing Central.
2. Write a book on the topic ‘Internet Marketing in the Philippines.’

Maintaining Blogs
It’s a pain in the neck maintaining multiple blogs. Trust me. I have setup a LOT of blogs in hope that I will earn more money. I’m dead wrong. If you can’t regularly post new content and give real meat to your audience then there’s NO way you can monetize from your blog.

If you wonder on how you can earn money from blogs read my other articles or subscribe to my  RSS feed to get new updates on monetizing from your blogs. Consulting, which I mention in this article, is just one of them.

First, deliver GREAT content! You’ll eventually attract audience and thus can monetize from your blog. There’s a lot going on in between that but simply put ‘give first before you can take‘. There is NO “get-rich-quick” scheme in the internet. You should work! For me, it was about 6 months before I earned from the internet and about 12-18 months before passive income was started to come in. If there are “get-rich-quick” scheme you’ll find then that’s possibly 99% SCAM and won’t last at all!

I setup this blog and always been reminded to give REAL MEAT to my audience. People will not listen to me unless I have impressed them first. Once I get their attention, I’ll impress them more and eventually they’ll get my consulting services since they know that I’m an expert in that field by giving away free real content to them.

Am I crazy giving away my knowledge and expertise to other people for free? Not at all! It depends on two things: your passion and long term goals. If you have passion on your topic I don’t think you’ll run out of knowledge on it. My passion is music, technology and business. Yes, I’m a musician, a tech-buff and an entrepreneur. For more than a decade now, I never run out of ideas with my passions because I love doing it! Les Paul, the legendary guitarist said ‘…my hobby is my work and my work is my hobby‘. If I give away free content(REAL MEAT) people will think they can learn more from me since they perceive me as an expert having a broad knowledge in that topic. Consequently, they’ll keep coming back to get more from me. Although, unless you are not passionate on your topic then you’ll surely deplete your knowledge.

On long term goals: my goal is to elevate myself as an expert in the field – that happens to be ‘internet marketing‘. Most people, especially Filipino, are very skeptical. They should be convinced first by ‘showing’ your knowledge and if possible that they will get it for free! If I want more people to see me as an expert in my field then I should give more and give it at absolutely no cost. That is the reason I setup this blog. I’m giving away free tips and advices for internet marketers. This blog will be focused on online entrepreneurship in the Philippines while my other site(IM Central) will be focused on tutorials for non-techy internet marketers. Marisa, my wife, will be starting her own blog too! Of course, her passion is handicrafts, cooking and entrepreneurship.

Then, where do I get money from my site? Quick answer: back-end products! I’ll talk more on back-end products on future articles.

Internet Marketing Book
My mentor once said that if you have knowledge that 90% of the people don’t know about then you are an expert in that field. I then considered myself as an expert in the field. Only few people know about internet marketing in the Philippines and in my humble opinion I’m one of the best. Why? I’ve been selling online for more than half a decade. I teach what I’m doing. Plus, I have worked and still actively working with top U.S. information marketers like Fred Gleeck and expert copywriter Bob Bly. I was able to tapped on their 20+ years of knowledge in internet marketing and direct selling. Besides, I also have experience in direct selling since I was a kid until I was in college. Most of the business principles I learned from my childhood are still the strong pillars in the business today.  I thank God for the great training that my parents gave me!

I have also traveled to different cities in the Philippines and almost found no one who knows much about internet marketing. I have been hard-pressed to share my knowledge on internet marketing in my city, Davao, which is the largest city in the Philippines, . Then, that dawned on me – I should write a book!

I’m not a good writer. In fact, I’m a “trying-hard” writer but does it stop me from writing a book? Absolutely NO! I believe in MILO’s slogan ‘Great things start from small beginnings‘. One of the best principle that my mentor taught me is ‘DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT!‘ I want to finish this book. I don’t need to spend a lot of time “perfecting” the book. I don’t aspire to be a multi-awarded writer. I’m here to give people what I know – to share to my ‘kababayan’(fellow countrymen) what God has given me. Besides, many people ENJOY looking for misspellings and grammatical errors. I’ll try to PLEESE them and make them LUFF on my wrong speelings and gramar!

So, subscribe to my RSS feed and I’ll give you a free copy of my “on-progress” book in PDF format when it comes available. I’ll try to finish the book by the end of this year.

(If you don’t know about RSS feed, then check back soon as I’ll post a topic about it)



2 Responses to “Internet Marketing in the Philippines”

  1. Flow @ Webhosting Guide on August 24th, 2011 12:38 am

    ‘DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT!‘ – I just printed it and pinned it to the wall. Thanks a lot for that.

  2. Maurie Tarlac on December 27th, 2011 6:46 am

    Another question I have in mind is that – does an online marketing require DTI and BIR registrations as it is a “business”?

    Read more:

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