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Stanley and Marisa Dumanig

Stanley and Marisa Dumanig

PinoyInternetBusiness.com or commonly called ‘PIB’ is owned and run by Stanley and Marisa Dumanig. The couple are currently mentors to other online marketers in the Philippines. They run multiple online businesses themselves and frequently speaks in their city on the topic of ‘Internet Marketing.’

Stanley and Marisa got married last November 7, 2005. Prior to being married, Stanley was the System Analyst/Administrator of Davao’s biggest internet cafe and was just starting to build his own online business. He was also a part-time speaker/trainer in the topic of Network Administration in Technical Education and Skills Development Authority(TESDA). On the other hand, Marisa is a teacher by profession and was the Finance Secretary of Maranatha Family Church International Ministries. She loves handicrafts, cooking and direct selling. She is a reserved person but is VERY trustworthy.

They first met in a dynamic local church in Davao City where Marisa is working. Both of them are engaged in several ministries in the said church before they got married.

Immediately after Stanley resigned from his previous work as a System Administrator, he established the Filipino Webmasters and billed himself as the King of Filipino Webmasters. Marisa was also actively involved in helping him during this time as both of them are working to build this new company and planning on their marriage.

Stanley and Marisa - just a few days after their wedding which marks a BIG turn with their online business.

Stanley and Marisa inside their office just a few days after their wedding which marked a BIG turn with their online business.

After they have settled to stay together forever, they established other online businesses such as web hosting, transcriptions, video editing and selling trinkets. Their internet businesses generates passive income and thus they get their full time living online for more than half a decade.

Until now, they manage successful online businesses and coach other people on how to setup and run their own profitable internet businesses. Also, they are still actively involved in a ministry of the same church where they met and got married.

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What Others Say

Here’s what some clients say about Stanley:

I put my reputation on the line given that MY webmaster is heading up the efforts.
Fred Gleeck, U.S. Top Information Marketing Expert

You are the best thing that ever happened to me in business in the last 10 years!
Bob Bly, U.S. Top Copywriter

The new website has brought rave reviews. You have created an excellent website, and I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your work. If they want to talk to me or sent me an email message to verify my statements, you are welcome to give them my information.
Dick Barry, Lean Manufacturing Consultant

Stanley and his team created a series of superb web pages for us. With quick service, high quality and very competitive rates, I have no hesitation in recommending him to you. Excellent work, Stanley – many thanks!
John Woodbridge, London’s Top Air Brush Makeup Artist

You really did a superb job and I am sooo happy!!!!
Christi Sealy, The Log Home Institute

Dear Stanley,  We did it!  Just two weeks after starting the process, my first e-book is up and running and making money on the internet.  And I love your designs!  The site is beautiful and very professional looking.  It is truly something that I can be proud of! But more than that, you helped me create a business.  A business that will generate profits for me for years to come. I can’t wait to do some more!  You made the entire process so easy.  Because of your experience and professionalism, this whole process has been a piece of cake!  I have worked with many other webmasters and designers over the years and you stand head and shoulders above the rest because you were so professional and easy to work with.  What a joy and what a relief.  You have restored my faith in web design.  This is the way it was supposed to be all along.  Professional and easy! I will highly recommend you to everyone and please do not hesitate to use me as reference for anyone who is thinking about working with you.
Roger Cawthon, Author, Window Marketing System™

Thanks so much Stanley! You are the best at customer service!!!!!Malcolm Munro, Consultant

Here’s what some Filipino coaching clients say about Stanley and Marisa:

As the head of the family, quality time and provision are of my main concerns. I previously work 9-12 hours in the bank (mostly with no overtime) and stuck in a set of routinary tasks daily. But Stanley has opened my horizons after training me the ins and outs of the trade. I started with almost zero knowledge in computer (I only encode using Lotus 123 & Excel) but now my foreign clients either call me “Blog King” or “CSS Expert”, unbelievable but true! Stanley showed me the endless possibilities on Internet marketing and am now looking forward to putting up my own team in the future. Not just his mentoring opened me a door of countless business opportunities and continuous learning, it definitely increased my earnings 3X more! God bless you Sir!
– George Padlan Yap
Full-time webmaster

After working for almost 10 years in a giant company, I never expected to be in a greener pasture! Because of Stanley’s and Marisa’s dedication to help and improve the lives of others, I am now living my dream of being a full-time Mom while doing the things I really love doing. Stanley patiently mentored me in every step of the way until I was able to put up my own website, www.burloloy.com. At first I was hesitant with his ideas but his expertise finally bore fruit and surpassed my expectations. In this present world where time seems to be a luxury, Internet marketing, when being pilot by a person with specialized knowledge and skill, such as Stanley, has become an answer!
Jelissa Sharon C. Yap
Full-time mother & entrepreneur

I don’t have any idea about making money from the internet. Not until I undergone training provided by Stanley and Marisa. I now earn thrice an average employee receives – even if I’m still a novice. Thanks to Stanley/Marisa who keeps on mentoring me and continually giving helpful insights and how-to guides to succeed in my online business.
– Jojilyn Valenzuela

Here’s  what some recent readers say about the site:

Hope to hear more from you guys. I’ve learned a lot from your articles. Thanks!
-Anthony Ryan Garces,

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