Am I Still in Internet Marketing?

Some folks asked me if I’m still in business and YES, absolutely I am! Admittedly though I’m guilty of being sluggish in writing blog posts – not that I’m too lazy but I was SOOOOO busy with my other online businesses.

Here’s how I allocate time and effort on every project so you’ll have idea on how to manage your time too with your online business: I spent more time on projects which is in line with my “passions” AND the one which “earns bigger income.” Luckily for me I have BOTH on my web design and coaching business. I love web design and coaching other people, and these are my biggest income generating businesses. I have multiple online businesses but I focus more on what I love to do and which pays me more. 

I’m not saying though that other online business besides web designing won’t earn much. Its just because it is my passion and I’m good at it. I can finish projects easily and quickly, and I’m paid well with my great work. Writing, or should I say blogging(more about blogging on future articles), has become one of my passions lately BUT it does not provide real income yet. Some bloggers earned as much as $20K monthly [ Click here to read more ]

"Some of the links here may be affiliate links. In cases like that I get paid an affiliate commission. I will never lie to you about things like that, but YOUR price if you decide to buy will not be affected. I am also VERY careful not to make ANY exaggerated income claims. Some people make money using my materials but the vast majority do NOT. This saddens me, but it's the truth. I only hope that YOU will be one of the few who makes money.