Its NOT What YOU Earn But What You KEEP!

Most so-called internet marketing gurus will boast on how much money they are making. However, the real question is how much they are keeping!

When I started to learn internet marketing I tried to learn from a number of internet marketing gurus. My eyes are bulging when I read some of them claiming to have earn 1 million dollars in just a month. Later, a well-know internet marketer whom I highly respect pointed out to me that he knows that business of the other person. Yes, it was true that his sales is at 1 million but his cost is just near it which what he kept was just a very small portion of his sales. I think there’s nothing wrong with this since he is still earning but the risk is just TOO HIGH. Cost is very big. What if sales aren’t that good? Are you willing to lose big? Not for me. I prefer to have a number of effective smaller sites than one big site.

Cheers and God bless you!

7 Warnings for Novice Internet Marketers

First off, my fans might be probably wondering if I have abandon this site. Not at all! My wife had “two consecutive very difficult” pregnancies – one was born prematurely and is now 7 months old(pictures on my Facebook account). The other was a miscarriage (on the 2nd month) about a month ago. I barely had time to write since I have to take care both of my family and business. Anyway, all is well and I’m back again. I thank the Lord for His grace!

As a side note, I’m comfortable sharing my personal life in this site. I’m trying to share not just my business but my life as well. Life is not all business.

Anyway, here are some warnings for novice internet marketers:

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"Some of the links here may be affiliate links. In cases like that I get paid an affiliate commission. I will never lie to you about things like that, but YOUR price if you decide to buy will not be affected. I am also VERY careful not to make ANY exaggerated income claims. Some people make money using my materials but the vast majority do NOT. This saddens me, but it's the truth. I only hope that YOU will be one of the few who makes money.