Website and Free Publicity

December 29, 2008 by · 5 Comments 

People pay hundreds of thousands, if not millions, just to be “advertised” in TV.¬†Since I have started this site/blog about 4 months ago, I ¬†was already invited to two big speaking engagements of which sponsored by well-known companies. Also, I had an invitation for a TV interview on one of Philippine’s top TV station to talk about internet marketing. Hmmm… I’ll be in TV for free? That’s a great thing for me and my business! Unfortunately, none of those ever came to past. Why? Geographic location and time were the reason. All of those invitations came from Manila but I’m based in Davao City which means a lot of money and TIME for travel, lodging, etc. It will not be a wise decision for me and the inviting party if we’ll proceed. I’m curious though on who they invited to speak and if their invited guest really delivered good stuff.

Anyway, here are the lessons we can learn from this experience: Read more

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